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Romanterra – Montesuello

From the geological site of “Ponte di Romanterra” you move southward, crossing the bridge over the river Caffaro. Reaching the first huts, you continue left into the path CAI n. 404 that goes up to the Valle di Levràs, crossed by the homonymous Rio. Passed the Roccolo Benini (915 m a.s.l.) you take path CAI n. 405, on the left, leading to Monte Suello climbing a vertical drop of about 100 m. From the top of the mountain the view of Lago d’Idro and the Valle del Chiese is sensational!

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CAI path 432 is a very fascinating and historical itinerary: it accompanies the hiker between trenches, defensive lines and fortifications with a breathtaking view of Lago d’ Idro. This path is a variant of the 405. Starting from the Monte Suello (947 m a.s.l.) you proceed in a southwesterly direction going up to the Piana dei Bandi and from there to Monte Breda (1504 m a.s.l.), where the view on Lago d’Idro is breathtaking!

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