CAI path 432 is a very fascinating and historical itinerary: it accompanies the hiker between trenches, defensive lines and fortifications with a breathtaking view of Lago d’ Idro. This path is a variant of the 405. Starting from the Monte Suello (947 m a.s.l.) you proceed in a southwesterly direction going up to the Piana dei Bandi and from there to Monte Breda (1504 m a.s.l.), where the view on Lago d’Idro is breathtaking!

Proceeding in a few ups and downs you reach the vicinity of the Forte di Cima Ora (a ruin of the First World War reachable taking the path placed on the right) and go left remaining at high altitude. You arrive at loc. Palazzine and from there to Passo del Baremone (1406 m a.s.l.) where is the homonymous refuge.

The route retraces the past wars that took place in this strip of land of Brescia: border territory with the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was on Mount Suello that “Garibaldi was wounded,” it was here that the red shirts repulsed the enemy, forcing him to retreat to the north, and was always here that some decades later trenches and strategic fortifications were built during the First and the Second World War.

The military walkway is in excellent condition, dug between white rocks, overhanging meadows on Eridio and small galleries. A really interesting historical itinerary.



Route type> Historical – Panoramic
Difficulties> Historical
Recommended to> Tourists
Length> 5.6 km
Duration> 2h 20 ‘(one way); 2h (return)
Altitude difference> 548 m
Starting point> Monte Suello
Arrival> Passo del Baremone
Parking> Ponte di Romanterra
Ref. Paths> 432